Cucina Regionale

Cucina Regionale

Please join on Wednesday, November 29 and Thursday, November 30 for our next Italian regional dinner. Silvio di Silvio, export manager for Tenuta Sette Ponti and Feudo Maccari will be here to show his lovely wines. Tenuta Sette Ponti is one of the top wineries in Tuscany! This event will begin at 6:00. Price is $65/person (plus gratuity) Read More

‘Tis the Season to Indulge


At the Excelsior Inn and Restaurant in Eugene, we pride ourselves on our dedication to the Slow Food Movement by using fresh, local ingredients wherever possible. We are also excited to announce the arrival of the Excelsior Farm, a five-acre farm bringing the freshest, organically grown Willamette Valley produce to guests at our restaurant. Buon Appetito!

Our restaurant menu changes with the season. Here’s just a taste of what we’re offering now…








Wine List

Meet our Chef Owner, Maurizio Paparo.

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